This myth isn’t difficult to break down: unless you are wearing winter socks that are close to an inch thick, any soccer sock should do the trick when putting your shoes on. The question that many people seem to ask when it comes to buying a pair of soccer socks is whether thickness should be considered. The short is answer is as follows: if you’re buying soccer socks, no; if you’re talking about any type of sock, like thick cotton socks you wear when the floor is cold, then yes.

In cases where you end up with a thicker pair of socks, it is true that your shoes may feel tighter, but that feeling is only temporary. In fact, the more you wear and wash your socks, the thinner they will get. That being said, if you still feel that your socks are too thick for your shoes, even after having played several games, the chances are that the problem might not be the thickness of your socks, but the size of your shoes.

The lesson here is simple: as long as you have soccer socks and shoes that aren’t too small for your feet, there should be no problem. Just remember that new shoes and new socks need a bit of playing time to get broken in and more comfortable. In general, any pair of soccer socks available in store will do. However, we still recommend that you choose thinner socks, especially for playing during summer (mainly because they breathe better and are generally more comfortable). That being said, there is no wrong choice to be made here; it's just a matter of personal preference. To each their own!


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